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A grassroots organization dedicated to the sustainability of our planet and those that call it home. 

About Us

Founded by high school students, we are a not-for profit organization dedicated to helping where and when we can in Brevard County, Florida and Boulder County, Colorado as well as globally when the opportunity arises

Founding Members

Luke Marzano

Jessica Marzano

Projects and Issues Important to Us.

Ocean Projects


  1. Elimination of plastics in the Indian River and Beaches of Brevard
  2. Removal of discarded monofilament fishing line
  3. Marine ecology education
  4. Population surveys on coral reef biodiversity

Land Projects


  1. Physical and financial support for the Arbor Day tree giveaway
  2. Physical and Financial support for the "PICK IT UP" campaign
  3. Encouraging the use of compostable restaurant take away materials
  4. Physical support of hiking and biking trail maintenance 

Human Projects


  1. Financial support for Doctors without Borders
  2. Physical and financial support for HOPE clinic in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
  3. Physical and financial support for various orphanages in South Africa (Two Sisters and Etafeni)
  4. Supporting education in environmental stewardship



Did you know that:

  • We produce over 320 million tons of plastic per year
  • Every day, over 8 million pieces of plastic find their way into our oceans
  • Plastic waste ends up maiming and killing thousands of creatures per year
  • Plastic never disappears- it just breaks down into smaller microscopic pieces that end up in our bodies
  • There is an “island” of plastic in the ocean, twice the size of France
  • Recycling will not fix this problem- in some ways it just make us more complacent

Upcoming Events

Trash Fishing Contest June 8,2019

A fishing tournament with a different twist: spend a day on the river netting all the trash you can in from 8am til 12. Weigh in at noon. Prizes for most exotic piece of trash plucked out of the River and total weight of trash hauled in. 

Weigh in at noon. Post event party and prizes TBD. Email us if interested and we will give details. 

10th Annual Earth Day Party

An invite only annual party this year featuring music by Bowl Cut and Sons of Neptune

April 20th

Beach Clean Up Contest

Meet at Ocean Ave at 8 am on May 5th and collect all the trash you can in an hour. Prizes for the most exotic piece of trash collected and total weight. 

Coffee and Breakfast after at Sunny Side Cafe on Ocean Ave. 

VOLUNTEER HOURS AWARDED for participation.

Reef Health Check

TBA but occurring in Islamorada, Florida, Ft Lauderdale, Florida, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, and Bukit Peninsulia, Bali

Arbor Day Tree Giveaway

Friday April 26th. Winner of drawing to be announced. Native Live Oak will be delivered and planted. Assistance provided by Sun Harbor Nursery. Tickets sold at Earth Day party. 

Boulder Creek Clean Up

June 21st meet at Dushanbe Tea house at 9am. Lunch and tea at 11. 

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100% of net proceeds go into our projects

Media Director: Jessica Marzano . Director of Membership and Marketing: Luke Marzano

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